Company founder W.T. Rawleigh

One of the most respected names in health and nutritional research in the world for more than 110 years

Everybody who becomes a Rawleigh Independent Representative takes a very important step towards securing a source of income which can last a lifetime.

Rawleigh's reputation for unparalleled reliability has been earned through the greatest test of all: The test of time.

Since 1889, millions of families around the world have learned to rely upon and keep Rawleigh's reliable medicines and other products on hand ready for emergencies to relieve sickness, pains, injuries and for their daily needs.

For more than 110 years Rawleigh has lead the industry in bringing unique products to the consumer reflecting the latest research and technological findings known to man.

Rawleigh laboratories test raw materials for purity, quality and strength - trained chemists standardise, test, check and control every product.

After more than a century of research and development, Rawleigh's products have reached their optimum potential to be of benefit to mankind. While no further improvement has been able to be added to give better results, Rawleigh still conducts research and development programs to maintain its product leadership.

New factory processes will help us continue the big values people have come to expect from Rawleigh's. All our studies and efforts are still devoted to bringing consumers the best values you can obtain anywhere in quantity, in quality and price.

The best materials money can buy come from nearly all countries: spices from Sumatra, Java, China, India, Africa, the West Indies; black pepper from the island of Ponapai; lemon and orange oils from California and Sicily and Vanilla from Madagascar and Java; high grade coffee beans from the Andes.

Most of the herbs, roots, barks and buds used in making cough medicines and tonics come from Europe, India, Ceylon, China, North America, the West Indies, Jamaica, Honduras and Asia. From Japan comes camphor and menthol for making medicines. From the Tavenui, the Garden Island of Fiji, comes the coconut oil for our gold medal winning Coconut Oil Soap.

The Rawleigh philosophy is unequalled in the industry because Rawleigh does not need to justify high prices based on the uniqueness of its product. Instead it offers quality products at realistic prices.

Rawleigh customers can be assured that they will be satisfied with their purchases. The Rawleigh Promise is a commitment to customer satisfaction. Rawleigh guarantees the quality and performance of each product bearing the Rawleigh name.

The Rawleigh company has also proven over its century of operation in the direct selling field that the principles of success do not vary over time and success is in the reach of all if these principles are adhered to.

Rawleigh is committed to the enhancement and development of human potential, rewarding individuals who show outstanding commitment and achievement through a variety of compensation programs and incentive campaigns.

You and the company are partners in an adventure to economic, social and physical freedom.

Your commitment to these principles will be the key to your success.

The Rawleigh company represents seven lucrative divisions and business systems for your success:

  • 1. Medicinal: Researched, developed, tried and proven over more than 100 years of operation. The heart and soul of Rawleighs continues to be relief to millions of people over six generations of time. Rawleigh was the first private company to create its own research and development division. 5% of the USA medicinal market alone is estimated to be worth $360 million a year.
  • 2. Nutrition: Rawleigh was one of the pioneer companies in the introduction of vitamin supplements as part of your daily activity, commencing in 1920 amidst ridicule and scorn. Continual research has kept the company ahead of its competitors and its new nutritional pursuits in whey leads the world.
  • 3. Gourmet Foods: The Rawleigh company has always prided itself in the quality and goodness of these special food items turning even the plainest of cooks into an exciting connoisseur of fine foods.
  • 4. Cleaning Products: The most economical and effective household, laundry, kitchen and general cleaning products on the market. Designed to be user and environmentally friendly.
  • 5. Personal Hygiene: Skin care, perfumery, hair care and body care. These products satisfy every need for personal beauty and appearance and comply with the latest technology and research.
  • 6.Animal Products: A lucrative and still relatively unexplored market for direct sellers. Rawleigh's introduced their first product in this range in 1895 called Stock Tonic Supplement and it is still in enormous demand today. All Rawleigh products in this range were researched, developed and evaluated on RawleighÕs own experimental farm.
Each of the above systems are a complete operation in their own right and through you membership you have access to all of them. 


Return of the Rawleigh Man

Generations of Australians, Canadians and Americans grew up waiting for The Rawleigh Man to arrive at their front door with his sample case of goodies to add spice to their life and to heal their ailments.

The Rawleigh Man brought to family front doors the best materials money could buy from around the world: spices from Sumatra, Java, China, India, Africa, the West Indies; black pepper from the island of Ponapai; lemon and orange oils from California and Sicily and Vanilla from Madagascar and Java; high grade coffee beans from the Andes.

Most of the herbs, roots, barks and buds used in making cough medicines and tonics came from Europe, India, Ceylon, China, North America, the West Indies, Jamaica, Honduras and Asia. From Japan came camphor and menthol for making medicines. From Tavenui, the Garden Island of Fiji, came the food grade coconut oil for Rawleigh's gold medal winning Coconut Oil Soap.

In April 1889, against his father's wishes, 18-year-old Will Rawleigh set out to make his fortune selling medicines door to door with a mortgaged buggy, an old blind horse named Bill and a rig on time payment.

Within three years, he had paid for a good horse and a new wagon, all his freight and living expenses, bought a new home and furnished it and had several good rigs and everything needed with which to conduct his business.

His net worth at the end of his third year would have been about $5,000 - a fortune back in 1892.

"From poverty to prosperity are the words which seem best to describe my first three years," he later wrote.

Rawleigh worked hard at his business but it took a huge toll on his health and in 1916 he was admitted to the famous Battle Creek Sanatorium of Michigan.

It was there that he developed his health philosophy of prevention is better than cure and amid ridicule and scorn, launched research into vitamin supplementation and healthy living.

W.T. later wrote: "During the latter part of 1916 my health became impaired. I was nervous and run down and I had a well defined case of anti-intoxication caused by a lack of knowledge of proper foods, constant work indoors, lack of sufficient fresh air and exercise and the constant strain of business had all so impaired my strength that I was compelled temporarily to give up work."

He experienced a miraculous recovery aided by the institution's philosophy of "Back to Nature".

At the conclusion of his time at the sanatorium he made the following commitment: "Gratefulness for my own recovery from a very serious condition brought about by my own lack of knowledge of healthful living and thankfulness for the teaching, which not only enabled him to recover, but to keep well and efficient, and in appreciation of what knowledge of maintaining health may mean to many people, resulted in his decision to reach out and help educate the great masses of people who have neither the time nor the money for sanatorium special treatment, and give them the benefit of what he had received."

Rawleigh's registered medicines were used extensively in the days before antibiotics were invented and doctors were few and far between.

Families learned to rely on Rawleigh's medicines in emergencies to relieve sickness, pains and injuries.

In World War II, most Australian soldiers posted overseas carried a tin of Rawleigh Antiseptic Salve in their kits to treat wounds and ward off infection.

By 1920, young Rawleigh had built the biggest manufacturing organisation in the world and at one stage had more than 500,000 kgs of pepper and 38 tonnes of vanilla beans in stored in fire proof vaults in his seven factories.

Mr Floyd George Rawleigh who was the son of David Rawleigh, W.T.Rawleigh's brother,
Came to Australia, with Mr Jackson, in 1931 and Set up the Rawleighs Company
Business there

. Mr Floyd George Rawleigh stayed on in New Zealand, in the Company,
And Married here and had 4 children, And never went back to the States, to live,
Only for visits, to see his Family there

When Mr Floyd Rawleigh died in Feb 1980 his ashes were sent back to the Rawleigh Family Cemetery in FreePort, where W.T.Rawleigh was buried.

Bev Rawleigh married one of the Sons, Wilbour Terrence Rawleigh,  born  Feb1936 who was named by W.T.Rawleigh the Founder after his only son died in the war

W.T. Rawleigh was the Bill Gates of his time. A great man

Rawleigh products are still only available from Rawleigh men and women who carry on the time-honoured tradition of the Rawleigh company to give individuals a go at developing their own business supplying products to people in their homes.

Only now they are also doing it in cyberspace.

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